Ash vs. Charizard

So this is a picture I first started way back in February, around the same time I did the Machamp picture. At the time I was thinking of doing a bunch of pictures of Ash getting fucked by various Pokémon and, while I may do more pics of that theme in the future, my passion for doing that kind of dried up. I’ll probably revisit this theme in the future, but I’ve honestly had a wide variety of ideas for Ash… to the point where just settling on which ones to actually draw is a bit of a problem.

I assume this goes with out saying, but for the sake of clarity this picture has nothing to do with the Near Pokédex series. Beyond thing like there being no Pokédex info and actually using a character from the anime (instead of just borrowing design elements), I did my best to keep the Charizard here fairly on model from the original design. One of these days Charizard will probably show up in the Pokédex, but when it does it’ll be a very different take on things.

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