Rosita Naked Apron

So I went and saw the new movie Sing a few days ago. I had been looking forward to it for a while, despite the obnoxious ad campaign (I don’t know why the marketing team decided to use one of the lesser scenes of the film to make up 90% of their advertising). A large part of why I was excited was Rosita, the cute piggy MILF who makes up part of the ensemble cast. I already was quite fond of her before seeing the film, and afterwards I was borderline obsessed. I sketched out the beginnings of this pic as soon as I got home, and I don’t think this will be the last time I draw her. Since the film hasn’t produced much quality porn yet, I may also take a stab at some of the other cast members… though maybe not right away. If I can hold out until the movie gets a home release, it’ll become a lot easier to reference (which is super important if I want to keep them with the same basic proportions, instead of humanizing them further).

Not sure right now what or when the next update will be. I’m working on a few different things, but none of them are moving as fast as I would like. I’ll do my best to have more content this week.


  1. Danny

    I don’t understand why to portray the heroes of this prekrasnogo cartoon in this form, because in my opinion it is very vulgar and not aesthetically pleasing.

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