Near’s Drag Race – Trunks Briefs

So this is a new series I’ve been trying to kick off for a while, going by the name “Trap Sluts”. The premise is simple: Take a cute boy character, dress him up real pretty-like, then let a group of dudes go to town on him. Trunks here seemed like a good candidate for the first entry, and after a long time working on it I was finally able to wrap the page up recently. I hope you guys like this concept, because I’m really into it and would like to do quite a few of these in the future. ^_^


  1. LeroyPEX

    I don’t see any problems with this crossdresser/gay version of Trunks. Let him experiments new things. Then the most important thing is that this is fucking, gloriously, hot.

  2. GohanLove

    Can you please do more with Drag Race Trunks?. He is so cute and I would like to see him in his own comic strip if you do not mind.

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