June ’18 One-Shot

So this One-Shot idea showed up a few times, and I think it underwent a few revisions and changes when it cropped up (though I can’t be sure). I know at least there were a few different attempts to get Zushi and/or Alluka into some action with Gon and Killua. I was never a huge fan of these scripts, since I’m not really interested in either Zushi or Alluka, but apparently I’m in the minority on this as the idea finally won out last month. Here it is now one month after I finished the page, for the public. I hope you all like it.


  1. Lunine

    Zushi’s ass is making my mouth water like you wouldn’t believe. I wanna bite and spank it at the same time, for starters anyway.

  2. Draven

    So in this one you decided to go with 2 13 year olds in Gon & Killua fucking a 12 year old Zushi and a 9-10 year old Alluka? I think you need to have an electrician & neurologist come over & check the wiring in your brain

    1. Post

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