Peg and Max

I’ve drawn a fair amount of Goof Troop yaoi, but this is the first time I’ve ever drawn straight content for this series (that I can recall). This is actually surprising to me, considering how much I liked Peg and the women from the Goof Troop movies. Recently I was hit kinda out of the blue, no real trigger, with an intense desire to do something with Peg. This picture is the result, and like most pics driven by sudden bursts of passion it went much smoother and faster than my work typically does. I hope you guys like it, and with any luck I’ll get to draw some of those other Good Troop ladies I used to be so fond of when I was a teenager.


  1. Shadow

    If Michiko Malandro doesn’t win NHML for this month, I’ll nominate her again. If she does win, I’ll spring for kekko Kamen.

    1. Post

      The NHML winner is announced on the first of each month and displayed on the sidebar of the site. This month’s winner is Mandalay from My Hero Academia.

  2. molecule

    I’ve always had a thing for Peg. But moreso than her Roxanne. I really hope you’re going to do something with her soon.
    Also, I’m seeing a Velma pic in the Sneak Peak box. Can’t wait for that. Velma is another one of those characters I just can’t get enough of.

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