Shoyo Hinata Character Ask 1

I’m not really good with dick sizes. Like, I don’t know how big is considered big, or what would be a reasonable limit for someone’s butt. So I’m just gonna keep this one vague. Shōyō’s a cutie, but I don’t think he’s quite as experienced a slut as, like, Gohan, so I don’t think his ass is quite well-trained enough to take anything too big.
Shōyō’s the main protagonist from Haikyuu!!, and I’ve only drawn him once before back when I used to raffle off commissions. The commission that month was him with Tobio Kageyama (or Yamayama-kun, as Shōyō calls him here). I mentioned then thinking he was cute, but I never watched the show so I don’t ever have ideas or anything for him.


  1. Feetlover

    Such a good position wasted ? what’s with all this guy on guy actions , where’s the love for guy on girl action. That should have been nami or robin taking it ?. Either way amazing work Near ? #NoHomo

  2. Emil

    It’s a character ask by someone who prefers male on male. If you want “every Hetero mans porn”, pay him to do so. Homo art is just as great as any kind of porn; and a large chunk of nears fan base happens to either be gay or bi. The point is, there is plenty of straight or yuri art by near. Don’t chastise him for drawing things the way he does, cuz I could say that most Nami and Luffy art is a waste and could be better if it was Luffy and Zoro.

  3. Riolu

    Nyaaaa I never imagine those two together but now that I see them is actually pretty hot, I love the way you draw nya, I hope you keep doing great jobs like this :3

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