Studio Tour 3 – Goku/Killua

So it’s been a hot minute, but here’s a new entry in the Near Hentai Studio Tour series! I had the idea for this one early on in developing this concept. Gohan’s gotten to work with both Gon and Killua, and it makes sense to me he’d relate to his new friends his experience in working with Goku in Special Training. Naturally curious, Killua decides to investigate and, well… here we are. I don’t know yet if I’ll portray Gon trying out the Goku dick for himself, but it’s a possibility. ^_^


  1. samo606

    Welcome, Sensei.
    Wow, what art, it’s really really beautiful drawing and also exciting, really amazing, I really love these two characters, thank you very much, and I hope to see more of your work, so if you allow me I hope if you do not mind that two images of anime black clover Asta and Yoono The situation is similar to this image and it is Asta fuck Yono
    And really, thank you,and I apologize if there are errors in my English, I do not need it much
    Since this moment I am one of your fans, Sensei
    I wish you success and happiness

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