Ludibrio Chronicles, Ch. 3 – Virentibrio Lamina 05

If you would like to see the original clip starring Maria Ono this comic is traced from, you can find it here:

So here’s another page of the third Ludibrio Chronicle! Now that the Dominurci have Umbra right where they want him, they’re going to do their best to break him like they have so many other Ludibrio before him. Umbra’s determined to not give in, though, but even with his lamina warrior training, it won’t be easy.


  1. Don Havonetae

    From what I can imply I take it those who are trained as warriors naturally have a very strong willed pride full personality.
    (Much like Amazon’s in a way)

    So if they do meet someone and fight them but end up loseing in honourable combat is that how they are useually picked up?

    1. Post

      Normally, if they’re defeated and captured they would perform Liberum Commutatio (sex) to earn their freedom, like with the first chapter. However, since Umbra was captured by two Dominurci, slave traders, they’re taking advantage of his weakened state to try and break him in for their business. Umbra’s using his training to hold out as best he can until he can fight back and escape, but Ludibrio are hard-wired for submissiveness and sex (as shown in chapter two), so it’s an uphill battle.

      I hope that answers your question. ^_^;

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