Son Goku Character Ask 5

So this is the first Character Ask out of the October batch. I had a pretty clear idea for how Goku would answer this, so I decided to run with it. I decided to base both the design and the answer more off the original Dragon Ball Goku, rather than GT, even though the GT Goku is the only form of kid Goku I’ve drawn. I just think using the Dragon Ball version makes more sense for this question, since GT Goku is an adult and generally more aware of things like what’s acceptable in society.


  1. Giovanni Battaglia

    Goku is always sexy.
    How does “character ask” work? Can I ask a question to a character, or only patreons can?

    1. Post
  2. reminger

    Godamn that perfect foreskin. Goku is such a perfect shota. So innocent, absolutely no shame. I bet he’d be down for so much kinky shit if you just told him it was for “training” or something like that.

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