Take It Like a Man

I think I’ve mentioned before not being crazy about Bakugou and Deku as a couple, but Kirishima’s a much better fit for him in my mind. Nothing against anyone’s preferred ship, of course, but for my tastes this is a much cuter and more fitting pairing. There’s also just something about Bakugou’s personality that makes seeing him on bottom work well for me, and hopefully you all will agree.


  1. Tyler

    I may be very drunk right now but I completely agree with your assessment. Also your art is bitchin, I’m typically more of a lurker but feel the need to express how awesome I think your art is! (Ps, gods bless auto correct, because I suspect this message would be unreadable otherwise!)

  2. Sekiguchi

    Among all your arts involving Bakugou, this is my favorite. This boy makes me horny, my favorite ship is his butt with my di..

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