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Shoto Todoroki Character Ask 3

I was looking at this question, and I don’t think I’ve ever drawn these two together. They’ve appeared together in some of the MHA orgies I’ve done in One-Shots and the like, but even in those I don’t think they interacted directly. Then again, I don’t really remember them interacting directly in the show, either, at least not enough for me to have a good idea of what their dynamic would’ve been. However, in the Studio it’s not hard for me to picture how they’d interact. In fact, I think it’d go a little something like this…

Inosuke Hashibira Character Ask 3

I’ve been having trouble with Asks lately. I don’t know if it’s just a burnout thing or what, but I’ve been struggling to engage with them in interesting or fun ways like I’d prefer. Until this issue resolves, though, I figured I might as well just stick to Asks I think people will enjoy the art to, so here’s Inosuke and Kirishima.

NHS Fusions – Narjiro Kirumaki

So I’ve been thinking it over, and I think I’d like to take a bit of a break from the Fusions series for a while. I still have Fusion Bios to make, and we’ll see some of the ones who exist around in Asks and such, but I ready for a break from creating new ones. I still enjoy making the Fusions, but I feel like the roster’s getting crowded, and people are maybe starting to lose interest as they feel less and less special. I’m sure I’ll do more eventually, but for now Narjiro here is our last one. I tried to mix up the way both Kirishima and Naruto’s hair spikes, and I figured an orange-ish hair would be a nice middle-ground between their respective colors. He’s a bit slimmer than Kirishima, but I think he’s still got a lot going for him, and I hope y’all will like him.

Masturbating Monoma

This is a Mini Commission submitted by one of my Subscribers, wanting to see Monoma masturbating to “someone from 1-A”. Since Mini Commissions are one-character pics, I decided to re-use some old art for his phone here, namely the first panel of November ’17 One-Shot. That comic features an orgy in the 1-A classroom, and I thought maybe Neito would’ve placed a camera in their room to try and get an upper hand for a sports festival or something, and ended with more spicy footage than he’d bargained for.

Tomoko’s Alone Time at NHS, Page 3

Here’s the third page of Tomoko’s Alone Time at NHS, and the final one for now. We’ll be returning to this comic when its turn comes back around in the comic rotation, but for the time being I’ll be shifting focus over to continuing Titans Tower Nights. In this page, Tomoko’s mind starts wandering, and we’ll see it wander even further in future pages when we get back to this comic in the future!

Shigeo Kageyama Character Ask 2

I’m currently re-watching Mob Psycho 100 with my younger siblings, so seeing an Ask for Mob was a fun surprise for me. He’s someone I thought I’d be drawing a bit more often when he first debuted, and I had an idea of how to answer this one right away. Of course, the Asker seems to be under the impression the Studio is a place people go, when I usually portray it more as an interdimensional commune of sorts where porn versions of these characters live… But that aside, I thought Kirishima would be a fun partner for him. I like the idea of Mob still trying to improve his physical body by going to the gym, and more than anyone Kirishima has the right energy of the Body Improvement Club from Mob Psycho 100. It’s very easy for me to picture Kirishima encouraging Mob at the gym, fueling him with positive reinforcement and good vibes. So, for that reason, he seemed like a good candidate for this pic. Also, I believe this is the first time we’ve seen Mob penetrated on-camera.

Mina Ashido Character Ask 5

I’ve wanted to do something like this with Mina for a while. I’ve made a point of having her use her flexibility in pics before, but this footjob/blowjob combo is a pretty fun one I haven’t had the chance to use yet. I also just liked the idea of Mina hearing this question and thinking, “Footjob? I’ll show you!” and showing off like this. I tend to default to Kirishima for Mina’s male partners, hope nobody minds seeing these two together again.


Also, here’s the QnA video I did for Subscribers last month: