CCat – A Visit From Mrs. Claus, Page 4

Here’s the fourth page of my collaboration with CCat! In this page Jackie jumps into the fray, and our saintly Mrs. Claus now has two shota cocks to gorge on. Mace still has that vision of her bending over in front of him in his head, though, and so he decides to go have some fun with that thicc booty.


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  1. Jamesgrews

    What a lovely Christmas present this kid got!
    I wouldn’t mind for Ms. Claus to visit me like this…
    Alas, I don’t think I’ve been THAT good a boy to deserve this.
    I digress; this is both funny and sexy and hot.
    All qualities that go well!
    Thanks a bunch for this, Nearphotison!
    Bless you and CCat for this!

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