Helen Briefed

I’ve been wanting to do more single pics set in the Xoverse, and here’s one! I like to think that after the events of Sleepover Raid, the kids in that comic used the photo and video evidence of that night to blackmail Helen into more sexy times (like when Goten and Trunks fucked Helen during a different sleepover with Dash). Here’s another instance of that, where Trunks brings his MILFy sex slave over and shares her with his own mom.


  1. Isaac

    the two most beautiful MILFs together, amazing! Just a little disappointed by the shape of one of Bulma’s breasts. The rest is perfect !

  2. EnigmusPrime

    I like to imagine that Bulma and Chi-Chi are also helping Helen to acclimate to this new found live of being a shota/loli slut.

  3. maqirrugix

    You did a great job. My two favorite characters Helen And Bulma. I like to imagine Bulma being proud of Trunks for bringing this big booty hottie home.

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