Plan to Defeat Buu

What if Shin had been with the Western Supreme Kai to help her slow down Buu’s advancement? Maybe they could’ve worked together to find some way to stall him. Probably not.
I’ve been wanting to draw the Western Supreme Kai for a while, since she’s really my type. However, her very limited appearance in the series makes it a little hard to work her into scenarios. Maybe now that she’s in the studio canon I can find other excuses to draw her. Sometimes with these characters I’ve been sitting on for a while, all it takes is that first pic to open things up. Shin himself was one of them until recently and now this is his third appearance in my work. 😉


  1. TheCuteMaster

    Amazing work, Near ♥ I love the way you drew Shin, he looks adorable (the serious face+blushing combo is the best, haha) Thank you for making this lovely piece~!

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