Oliver + Wren Townsend

This is Oliver and Wren Townsend, a brother sister duo I’ve had sitting in my back pocket for a few months now. I’ve wanted to have a dedicated sibling couple in Applebridge for a while. The vanilla obvious option with them is some straight-up incest, but I’d kinda like to try other things like both subbing under an anon or something, idk, I’ve got a lot of bro/sis ideas. I also have a lot of Applebridge characters in mind who haven’t gotten used yet, and I’m never sure the best way to introduce them. I like doing pics like this, especially for characters meant to be paired together like Oliver and Wren, but some of them I might just wait until I can put them into a comic. I’ve also considered using the Applebridge Bios series as a way to introduce someone, since you’d get the character plus info on them. I just dunno if that might be too bland for a first impression. Anyway, hope those of you who like girls will like Wren, and those of you who like boys will like Oliver. ^_^


  1. Muffdiver884

    If I could throw an idea in the fire, they do everything intimate except incest, even when they’re in orgies together. Be like a joke where everyone they know assume they’re together, and they admit they masturbate together, bathe together, learned how to french kiss with each other, and at home are always naked around each other, but they never felt interested in having sex with each other.

  2. molecule

    Wren’s design is pretty cute, I like it.
    I think I’ve consistently liked every single one of your Applebridge characters (maybe with one or two exceptions), to the point where I really would be interested in seeing a lot more about them.

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