Bean’s Beans

Are “beans” a slang term for nipples? I feel like they could be. I’m running with it at any rate.
I’ve been wanting to try and get back to some Matt Groening-style art lately… I’m still super uncertain with how to handle the style, and I don’t know if I’ll ever feel completely comfortable working in it. Maybe I could just make anime versions of the characters from his shows, but part of me feels they lose some of their charm in the translation. At any rate, I wanted a bit of practice (and for me, that means a complete picture, not just a sketch, ’cause a sketch only gets me so much), so I did this simple pic of Princess Tiabeanie (or just Bean) from the fairly recent Netflix series Disenchantment. I picked her mostly just so I can tick this series off the list (having now done at least one pic in all three of the Groening shows I’ve watched), though I do like Bean and wouldn’t mind drawing more of her or her two hot moms.


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