U.A. Wall – Ochaco Uraraka

So here’s the second entry in my U.A. Wall project! Of course I had to go with Ochaco for the second pic. Like I said before, the plan is to eventually combine a bunch of these to create a larger picture. I don’t have much to add beyond that, but I hope you like. ^_^


  1. Kamikazaye

    Loving this series, great job Near! (Nice that you included a blank version too, maybe others can put their own text?)

  2. Joey313

    Loving this series. Idk who you plan to do next if you do more, but my suggestions would be Kyoka Jirou for a girl next. And for another of the boys, I think Bakugou would be great. Too see him in this position would just be perfect. And with an ass like the one you gave to Deku would just make it that much hotter. Those are just my personal preferences for next ones. So I’m looking forward to whatever you do next.

  3. Michael Morningstar

    When you have a ass like that it’s only natural that it gets used I mean it should be canon that all of class 1A gives Uraraka a spanking whenever there bored and she just let’s it happen now because of how used to it she is at this point

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