Velma Dinkley Character Ask 3

So, for the record, I think Daphne’s ass is probably tighter, but obviously Velma’s is juicier.
I’ve been wanting to draw classic Daphne and Velma again for a minute. Not sure if this Ask scratched that itch all the way, there might be more coming with them later unless I get distracted. Velma especially I’ve been wanting to draw again. This just seemed like a fun way to work these two back into circulation.


  1. E

    Ooooh, I could definitely do with some more Velma from you, a’yeees.

    I’ve been looking for someone to take up the mantle ever since Julius “The Master” Zimmerman died a few years ago. If anyone ever addressed the question why Velma always wore such baggy sweaters all the time, he was definitely the one to come up with the best answer.

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