Rumi Usagiyama Character Ask 1

So, here’s a funny story about how this Ask came about. This Ask has been posted a couple times, and I never knew a good way to answer it. I don’t know Rumi, I haven’t seen any of MHA where she’s involved, so I answered other Asks instead. Then recently on my Discord we got talking about her and her ass, and people seemed to like the idea of me drawing her in a way that focuses on it. I liked the idea, and figured this Ask would be a good excuse. So I did the art first, and while inking/coloring it, kinda mulled over how to have her answer. I may be off in my understanding of her character, but I kinda liked the idea of her side-stepping the matter of who she’s hooked up with and focusing on her chilling and having a good time around the Studio.


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