Helen Parr Character Ask 1

So, obviously, physical flexibility’s never going to be a big issue for Helen. Like her in her answer, I wasn’t entirely sure what sort of flexibility was meant here, but I think she covered things pretty well. What you define as kinky, or whatever, can certainly vary. I’ve drawn Helen getting fucked by both of her (non-infant) kids, and that’s way past kinky for a lot of people. Helen’s one of my favorite people to draw, though, and she never gets Asks, so I answered this one even though I wasn’t 100% certain what the question was going for.
I don’t typically like drawing Helen stretching in porn, especially to this degree. I think it looks a little freaky and might make it hard to enjoy as a piece of porn, but in this case I felt it was necessary for her to be doing something demonstrating her powers. So here we are, I tried to at least give a good view with it.

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