Eda the Owl Lady

I’ve made it no secret that I’m particularly drawn to attractive older women in anime and cartoons, when they show up. Eda here seems almost especially designed to pique my interest, as she’s not only a hot older lady, she also resembles one of my first anime crushes, Ryoko. So when I first started seeing her, I was immediately interested, which is unusual. Normally I can’t get attached to a character until I’ve seen them in their source material, but I was into Eda right off the bat and eventually decided to check out her show, The Owl House. I haven’t had the chance to get super far into the first season, but I have seen about a third of it and have plenty of ideas for not just Eda. So expect some more Owl House from me down the line, for sure. Eda herself might just fit nicely into a role in the Studio where I draw her any chance I get, and I’m contemplating a series focusing on crossing her over with other characters in the Studio. We’ll see how that goes.
As for this pic, since I had too many ideas for her in my head, I decided to just do a simple pin-up to break the ice. For whatever reason this is sometimes necessary when my brain can’t settle on one thing. It’s just easier and simpler to do a basic pic first, and then let the rest come later.


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