NHS Bunny Boys – Nagisa Shiota

I saw something recently that got me interested in drawing cute boys in bunny costumes like this, and I started thinking of ways I could implement that. I thought maybe a pin-up series similar to the NHS MILFs series. So this is what that is, basically, a test-run of this bunny boy pin-up concept. I’m a bit worried that this might be too, I dunno… boring for people? Since the gimmick here is focused on a costume it’s a bit less explicit than what I usually draw, so I guess I’m just looking to see if something that’s cute but tame like this will get a good response. If people like Nagisa’s entry I’ll do more later, but if people seem disinterested in it then I probably won’t waste everyone’s time with more entries.


  1. Kai

    Good morning ?Nagisa and ✨happy birthday!!!✨?? ?=^_^= and you are looking very sexy today also I love you and I wish you would have the best birthday ever and this is from love Kai ❤❤❤?

  2. David

    Hi, yeah why not but can you please do more Asuna From Sword Art Online or Nagisa from Assassination ClassRoom but like FootJob? The same goes for Asuna. Some FootJob wont be bad lol. And Nagisa have a sexy Feet too I think lol.

  3. Devin

    Awww look at Nagisa!

    In my shipping trash mind he’s dressing like that for Karma, it’s his boyfriends birthday and Nagisa has finally decided to do something sexy for him (along with buying a regular gift).

    Also happy birthday to you!!!!!

  4. Phe

    A very underrepresented character. Also with a high priority focus of his a**. It is very common that very obvious characters are underrepresented or their main feature nearly ignored. (One little thing that always made me doubt the sanity of the “field”.)

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