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August ’23 One-Shot

Here is the One-Shot comic for August of 2023! The script for this comic puts together several pairings that this Subscriber has been trying to make happen in Character Asks, but usually in ways I didn’t really feel I could make work in that format. They finally get to see some of their crossover ideas come to life here, though, and I hope y’all will enjoy the results.

Killua Zoldyck Character Ask 17

When I think about Killua and Nagisa, I feel like their experiences as assassins would be pretty incomparable. Killua grew up raised as an assassin from birth, in an assassin family, while Nagisa picked it up in high school and focused only on assassinating one difficult target. Also their worlds are just completely different, so I feel like Killua’s assessment of Nagisa would probably be pretty unfavorable. However, Nagisa’s shown to be really good at using his cute appearance and unassuming manner to get past people’s defenses, and I thought Killua eating out his ass while praising his “honeypot” skills would be fun.

Also, for anyone interested, here’s the Q&A video I did last month:

Nagisa Shiota Character Ask 5

I’m not 100% sure what the goal of this question was, since I’ve already drawn Zenitsu in yaoi art, but I like Nagisa and I’ve never drawn him with his hair down (mostly because I think his normal hair style is cuter, personally). My hope is some folks will still enjoy seeing this crack pairing, and maybe Nagisa could clear up a little misunderstanding if people thought he was going around seducing boys under false pretenses or something.


Nagisa Shiota Character Ask 4

I considered pairing Nagisa up with another recognizable character in the Studio to represent a new fan of his or whatever, but I couldn’t really think of anyone that I liked for that role. Instead, I thought it’d be hot to show Nagisa swarmed by his new fans in the bunny costume from that pin-up. The Bunny Boys series is pretty tame, so this chance to show Nagisa being lewd in the bunny costume was a nice opportunity, I think.

NHS Fusion – Nash Keota

I wanted to try a fusion with a bit more dissonance between the characters, so the poll for this one featured a variety of different characters (in terms of age, species, gender, etc.). Funnily enough, the two most similar characters on the list won, which is how we got this Nagisa and Ash fusion. This does, however, mark the first NHS Fusion to not feature a My Hero Academia character. I decided to forgo Nagisa’s pigtails and Ash’s hat/cheek lines, with the hope that it’ll help Nash stand out a bit on his own.

NHS Bunny Boys – Nagisa Shiota

I saw something recently that got me interested in drawing cute boys in bunny costumes like this, and I started thinking of ways I could implement that. I thought maybe a pin-up series similar to the NHS MILFs series. So this is what that is, basically, a test-run of this bunny boy pin-up concept. I’m a bit worried that this might be too, I dunno… boring for people? Since the gimmick here is focused on a costume it’s a bit less explicit than what I usually draw, so I guess I’m just looking to see if something that’s cute but tame like this will get a good response. If people like Nagisa’s entry I’ll do more later, but if people seem disinterested in it then I probably won’t waste everyone’s time with more entries.

Son Goku Character Ask 20

At first I really didn’t have any ideas for this one. It didn’t seem super in-character to me that Goku would keep track of or care about how many questions he’s answered, but then I thought he might wrangle it into an excuse to get an extra big meal or something. Rather than have him just answering nude, though, I thought it’d be funny if he was doing what many people might would consider a party, but he doesn’t even register it.
As for his partners here, a couple weeks ago I got a weird itch to do something with Maron and Nagisa. I dunno if it’s just the hair color (I mean, there’s a ton of characters with blue hair in the Studio), or what sparked it, but since I had that in my head already I decided to incorporate the pairing here working both ends of Goku while he answers. It is a little weird to do Goku with Maron, since they never meet in the show. For some reason that seems even stranger to me than pairing either of them up with people from other shows… But it’s all the same in the Studio, right?

Venti Character Ask 1

As you might be able to surmise by the answer here, I didn’t really know how to respond to this question. I don’t think a feminine appearance is something calculable or scalable, it’s just kinda up to your own impression of someone. However, I thought people might like seeing these two pigtailed boys side-by-side, so I just worked with that as an excuse to draw their butts.