Wanda Character Ask 1

When I’ve drawn Wanda in the past, I’ve usually stuck to her small fairy form, drawing her more like a chibi or something. However, it’s not uncommon for artists to fill her out with a more conventionally-sized body in smut, and I’ve seen some good work with her taller like this. I’ve also always wanted to draw her maid design she has briefly in the Channel Chasers movie. So I decided to adapt my own interpretation of the phrase “turn yourself into”. I think probably this question is just asking if she’d adopt the role of a cum dump, not transform her body, and I did almost draw her in her normal form (sprawled on the ground, leaking cum, with mostly the same dialogue), but instead I wanted to try this approach. I didn’t go 100% with her maid design, keeping elements like her crown and wings since she’s not in disguise, but I think it turned out good. It feels like it’s been a minute since I did a conventional straight shota pic, anyway.


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