NHS Fusion – Yunki Kamuto

Here’s a new fusion character, with Denki Kaminari and Yugi Muto winning the poll for this fusion. I’d included Yugi in some polls before, and always intended to try and combine his famous hair with the bangs of whomever he won with, and funnily enough he ended up winning alongside a guy with pretty distinctive bangs of his own. So this fusion design kinda determined itself, I feel like, but I hope you all like Yunki and will welcome him to the studio with open arms.


  1. Kyonshin

    Love your art as always, but for this one it’s overall a meh for me.

    I like Yugi and Denki, but I think Yugi’s eyes were maybe a better choice for this than Denki’s ones.

    I don’t know it’s just.. strange somehow. They don’t really fit.

    The hair combination is perfect on the other side, but for the eyes it’s a Nay for me.

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