Izuku Midoriya Character Ask 12

I’m not personally all that fond of Toga, which is why she hasn’t shown up in my work that often, but I’ve come to realize more and more that a lot of people really like her. This was clear when she was an early winner in the NHS Fusion polls, so I figured this Ask would be a good chance to bring her in for another appearance. Plus, Deku hasn’t actually gotten to fuck her on-camera before now, so I thought some of y’all might appreciate that.
Himiko Toga first debuted for Near Hentai as a winner of the July 2019 NHML raffle. Her pic paired her with Deku and Ochaco, which is the shoot he’s referencing in his answer here. I’ve mentioned before that characters who can’t fit into a civilized society are, within the Studio, mellowed out some. So the off-camera Toga isn’t so much blood-thirsty and crazed as she is just quirky. This makes it easier for her to fit in with others, including Deku, so they’re able to have a more amicable relationship than what we see in the source material.


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