Mina Ashido Character Ask 5

I’ve wanted to do something like this with Mina for a while. I’ve made a point of having her use her flexibility in pics before, but this footjob/blowjob combo is a pretty fun one I haven’t had the chance to use yet. I also just liked the idea of Mina hearing this question and thinking, “Footjob? I’ll show you!” and showing off like this. I tend to default to Kirishima for Mina’s male partners, hope nobody minds seeing these two together again.


Also, here’s the QnA video I did for Subscribers last month:


  1. Devin

    Ok I know it’s popular to ship Kirishima with dudes, heck I do it myself but I can’t help but also like this het ship.

    Also I love how he’s helping with the answer!

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