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NHS Fusion – Pinkfire

Here’s the third fusion for this series, Mina Ashido (Pinky) with Koriand’r (Starfire). The theme of the poll for this one was “colorful” girls, i.e. girls with unusual skin tones like pink or green. This combo won out, so we now get the fusion of the Alien Queen of U.A. and the Princess of Tamaran! Having two characters with unique designs allowed for a lot of interesting decisions when designing her, some of which probably aren’t that obvious, but I tried to blend some of the most recognizable aspects of both girls’ looks into Pinkfire, here. Since I couldn’t find a Tamaranean translation for the word “pink”, I opted out of giving her a non-hero name, but I think she can just go by Pinkfire and that’ll be fine.

Bra Briefs Character Ask 5

I’ve been wanting to do a position like this with Ashido ever since I first drew her showing off flexibility back in 2018, and this Ask seemed like the perfect opportunity to go for it. Kirishima seemed like the natural partner for this threesome (although GT Trunks would’ve been the runner-up, if I wanted to go with Bra bringing in a guy instead), he’s my preferred MHA male partner for Ashido. I didn’t realize when I picked this Ask to answer, but looking at some of what’s coming up, we’re actually gonna see Ashido a few more times before too long (not back-to-back, but she will likely show up at least a couple more times soon). So her fans should be able to look forward to that.

Bra Briefs Character Ask 4

Due to things like Mini Commissions and Asks, Bra’s gotten involved with a few of the My Hero Academia boys in some of her crossover appearances in the past. This question looks to explore her relationship with the girls, and since we’ve already seen Bra having fun with other girls like Pan I can’t think of any reason why she wouldn’t go for some crossover yuri action. I think Bra would probably have a good relationship with Momo, with both girls being kinda spoiled rich girls, while I could also see her getting along with a more tomboyish character like Jiro in the same way as she might would with Pan. However, I picked Mina for her partner in this Ask for a couple of reasons. One is, I think their colors match up well, but more importantly I just think their energies would gel and they’d get along great. Mina’s so vibrant and outgoing, which makes her easy to pair with pretty much anyone, but I think these two might bond well over things like fashion and music. I don’t know, there’s just something about them that pairs well in my head. Maybe it’s just that they both feel a bit mischievous to me, like they’ve got some bratty tendencies (but not malicious ones). So here we are, with a cute little pic of the two of them.

Mina Ashido Character Ask 4

So, if we’re going just by her appearances in Near Hentai releases, Mina has had sexual encounters with most of the girls in her class (and one teacher!). Some, like Tsuyu and Ochaco, haven’t been pure yuri encounters, but she’s still checked off most of the girls in the class. When I read this question, I immediately thought it’d be fun to use Hagakure again. I haven’t used her since the pic with Jiro, and I thought a simple picture that at first looks like Mina alone, until you notice the gloves on her ass, would be cute and fun. So here it is!

Mina Ashido Character Ask 3

This is maybe more of an informative Ask. My understanding of Mina’s quirk is that while, yes, she can secrete acid, it’s voluntary (she can even run out of she does it too much), but also the acidity is voluntary. She has a non-corrosive form of the liquid she uses to, like, skate around like she’s wearing socks on linoleum, which is just slippery. I’m not 100% sure if she has to use her hands and feet to release these liquids, but it makes sense to me she could use them to self-lubricate her pussy and asshole (but at the very least she could use them for handjobs and footjobs, like she mentions here).

Son Gohan Character Ask 9

So this was one where I didn’t actually have a good idea for how to handle the “answer” portion. Maybe it was just a bit too open-ended, I don’t know, but I wasn’t sure if Gohan really would have many thoughts on this. Given the nature and structure of the Near Hentai Studios concept, most of the popular characters have worked with several other characters, and Gohan’s arguably the most popular character in the whole roster. He’s worked with a pretty long line of characters, both from DBZ and from other series, but I wasn’t sure how he would really feel about that. In my mind it’s kinda like asking someone, “Hey, you have a lot of friends, what do you think about that?” “Er, it’s nice?”
But I had the visual idea of the three girls mentioned crowded around his dick, and wanted to run with it. I just like the idea of them all servicing him together while he answers, and I also think blowjobs at this angle are kinda fun for Asks. You can’t see the action, but it’s left to your imagination and like that idea for what’s supposed to be a pretty simple pic like an Ask. Anyway, here’s the end result of all that.

Mina Ashido Character Ask 2

So, for this Ask I of course knew Mina would say yes to working with Gohan again (and I figured showing them together would spice up the response a bit), so those elements were kinda given. Mina’s one of those characters who’d be down to partner with almost anyone in the studio, I think, which was the main joke of her first Ask (where she kept thinking of more and more potential partners until her speech bubble ran off the screen). While I was working on this, though, I thought about how Mina might feel about the Gohan/Zangya rimming contest those other Asks covered. After all, she’s worked with Gohan now, and I plan to do something with her and Zangya eventually (Zangya has been established as taking on a mentor-like role with a lot of the MHA girls within the studio). So when she sees Ochaco get to be involved in something fun like that, maybe she’d get a little jealous. 😉