Luz Noceda’s First Dare

This Dare stood out to me for a couple reasons. Probably the biggest is that I haven’t, nor do I have any plans to, drawn Luz getting fucked like this, mostly ’cause all the characters I’m interested in pairing her with are women. I thought a nice shot of Luz taking it up the bum would be fun, and I hope you all agree.


  1. Deku14all

    Luz has a nice ass hope she appears more in the Studio loved to see her paired with Amity, Eda, Butt Witch, Pan, ETC

  2. BlazingCock33

    Luz looks cute riding a cock like that. I bet Eda’s so proud of her owlet for taking so much cum up her ass!

  3. King Meme

    Actually, it wouldn’t be bad if they made a footjob calendar, it would be very interesting for those who like footjob, only if they want it

  4. Emperor

    Woooow Luz Looks soo cute. Eda would be proud, I would love to see Luz with more boys, although the idea of doing it with girls is also good. Now I just wait to see Amity’s reaction to seeing this. It could be a good story, when Amity saw Eda and Luz in the studio, she would go in to be with Luz, but she would have to start from the beginning. Or something, total you have the last word. Great drawing Near and I hope you continue like this, Good Luck.

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