Tao Ren’s First Dare

I thought this Dare would be fun, because I could picture how their dynamic would play out during it. I also think they’re a less-used shota pairing of the ones I’ve drawn, so I thought Shaman King fans might like it.


  1. Devin

    Ren let your (boy)friend have his fun. Let him enjoy himself.

    I can’t wait until people discover there was a shaman king anime in 2001… Half of a generation will have no idea.

    It’s like me and Hunter X Hunter… I thought people were crazy when they said there was a 90s version. I still can’t believe it and I’ve seen a few episodes with my own two eyes!

    (Now if I didn’t have 50 anime’s to watch)

    1. Immortal

      Most aren’t aware of the reboot Shaman King since Netflix doesn’t exactly promote anime on their platform all too well. Not to mention they take FOREVER to release episodes and seasons

      Without getting into spoiler territory. The pacing, especially in the beginning, was really rushed and the fight scenes were poorly executed.

      I still loved the characters such as Ren, Anna, Lyserg, and Yoh but MAN, the reboot anime imo didn’t do the series justice. HxH and Fullmetal, two other series that had a reboot anime, both of which were amazing S tier reboots, SK unfortunately didn’t have the same luck as them 😔

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