Frieza Character Ask 5

I thought it’d be interesting to see Frieza taking Gohan’s cock, so here we are. How he answered seemed pretty obvious to me, so the only thing I had to decide on was what version of Gohan it’d be. I kinda felt like it should be one of his looks from after Frieza’s revival. I like his design in Resurrection F, but I didn’t feel like it’d be a good fit given their interactions in that film. While I’m not a fan of most of what I’ve seen from the recent Super Hero movie, I do kinda like Gohan’s new base hairstyle, so I went with that.


  1. José Carlos

    The truth is that the last Dragon Ball movie bored me a bit, being totally fanatic in the series. The truth is that this design of Gohan is much better than the one we saw in the first chapter of Dragon Ball Super. In addition to giving it a more youthful appearance

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