Toph Beifong Character Ask 1

Hopefully I’m not embarrassing myself here with my half-remembered Avatar lore, but I think this is how Toph’s “foot vision” works. I don’t think it’d translate to footjobs being especially different for her, any more than a real life blind person’s handjobs/footjobs. I figured Toph would know that people would want to see her giving a footjob, though, so she grabbed an anon to demonstrate her mundane footjob experience.


  1. GH20

    Has been a while since you touched Toph (not counting the Tinx fusion, which i still love btw).

    Good to see (no pun intended) her back, specially using her mighty feet for some action. <3

  2. John Smith

    WOW!!! What an amazing piece of art! It’s masterwork! I didn’t expect to see Avatar characters in studio ( there are some but for me it seems like you do not like this universum). And that’s FOOTJOB! 👣♥️🔥🔥🔥 It couldn’t be better! So perfect combo! More Avatar characters! And even more footjob! Pls

  3. AdamMK

    As a big fan of Avatar, I’d say you more or less got the gist of it.

    Toph “sees” by feeling the vibrations in the earth, letting her know where everyone and everything is. She learned earth bending to help heighten this skill, which allows her to “see” better.

    In one episode where they went into the desert, she talks about her “vision” being fuzzy because the soft sand doesn’t carry vibrations as well as the solid earth.

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