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Korra’s Training

I mentioned in the Korra/Toph Ask I did a bit ago that I wanted to draw Korra and Toph with the designs they had when they actually interacted in the show. This is that picture, with Korra giving older Toph a nice foot-cleaning with her tongue. I thought it’d be cute to include some suggestions that this isn’t the first time she’s treated an Avatar this way.

Toph’s Toes

This is a little sketch I did a while ago, when I was meaning to do more Toph content. It took me a minute to get around to inking and coloring it, and she ended up appearing in a couple Asks in the meanwhile, but I still think it’s a good pic. I ended up doing two versions here, one with show-accurate dirty feet and one with clean feet, for whichever you prefer.


Lin Beifong Character Ask 1

Lin and Toph are in an interesting position within the Studio, with Toph living day-to-day in her TLA younger body, while Lin’s of course a much older woman in TLOK. Of course if I were to pair them up for, like, a scene set within the Avatar universe I’d either set it in a flashback between the two series or use Toph’s older design from TLOK. However, within the outside-continuity Studio, we get a case of the mother being a loli and the daughter is a GILF. I’ve been looking for an excuse to bring these two together since Lin’s First Shoot, and this Ask seemed like as good an excuse as any.

Toph Beifong Character Ask 1

Hopefully I’m not embarrassing myself here with my half-remembered Avatar lore, but I think this is how Toph’s “foot vision” works. I don’t think it’d translate to footjobs being especially different for her, any more than a real life blind person’s handjobs/footjobs. I figured Toph would know that people would want to see her giving a footjob, though, so she grabbed an anon to demonstrate her mundane footjob experience.

NHS Fusions – Tinx

This fusion’s a fun one, I think. The theme for the poll this time around was “The 1 Club” (characters I’ve only drawn once). I drew Jinx in a big splash image of every Teen Titans female I could remember, and Toph had a one-off pic a few years ago. I’m not too surprised these two one, since I’ve seen requests and interest in seeing more of both over the years. I think Tinx seems pretty mischievous and fun, and I hope you guys like her. I know someone will ask, too, and no, she’s not blind (since she has mostly Jinx’s eyes).


I drew this picture in June of last year, inked it at some point in September, and then left it sitting half-finished in my “WIP” folder until just now. The picture is really simple, so all it took was about a half-hour of coloring to wrap it up. I could have finished it at any time, but I kept putting it off because of other, more important (and complex) projects and commissions. However, because things have been slow around here, I finally took the time to finish it.

I can’t even remember what made me want to draw it, other than that I’ve always liked Toph. Whatever reason I had, I think the final piece isn’t too bad. It doesn’t even look that out of place next to my other, more recent pictures.