First Shoot #7 – Jeice

We had another three way tie in the First Shoot polls, meaning the next two entries in this series will come from the same poll as this one. Jeice is the only member of the Ginyu Force I’ve ever had any interest in lewding, but I just kinda never got around to it so I threw him on this poll. Even though I picture Jeice as a bottom, his random partner is someone I see even more as a bottom so he ended up topping. O.D. is a character in Gatchaman Crowds, an alien who likes to strike poses randomly, so they’ve got a few things in common with Jeice (although, if I were to compare them to anyone in Dragon Ball, it’d be Whis). I’ve only drawn them once before, so it was nice to go back to them as I liked this show more than its presence in my art would imply.



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