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Mowgli Character Ask 1

Confession time, I really didn’t have any ideas for how to answer this one. I didn’t really feel like the question fit with my understanding of the Mowgli/Bandar-log pictures, but I knew a lot of people were wanting to see more of Mowgli. So I spent some time trying to find a way to make it work, and this is what I came up with. I hope the final result is somewhat enjoyable.

Monkeying Around All Day

So there’s not much new here, but this is the complete version of “Monkeying Around All Day”. This is what the client purchased, but due to the size and scope of it I chose to upload the smaller panels individually. The end result was that some parts were cropped out of those versions, but now you can see the full image (plus the “flow” from one panel to the next). Hope you all enjoyed this series, and ideally I’ll get to draw Mowgli again some time in the future.

Monkeying Around All Day, Part 4 – Night

Here is the fourth and final part of the “Monkeying Around All Day” commission I’ve been working on. It’s nighttime now, and Mowgli is tired and defeated after a full day of monkey business. He’s tired and sticky, but the monkeys aren’t showing any signs of slowing down.

As you may have guessed, this series is meant to fit together into a larger picture. That full version will be posted here tomorrow, and will contain some details cropped out of these smaller versions (though not too much, to be honest).

Monkeying Around All Day, Part 2 – Afternoon

This is the second part of four for the “Monkeying Around” series I was commissioned to do a while ago. The first part can be found here. The monkeys have been toying with Mowgli for a while, and he’s starting to lose some of his bluster. They’re far from done, however, as the little man cub still has a long day ahead of him.

I don’t know for sure when I will get to the next part of this. The client who commissioned this is one of my oldest ones and tends to commission me on the side (he and I have a unique arrangement that was grandfathered in from before I started getting popular), so it’s likely he’ll have me doing some other pics before getting back to this project. The lineart for all of them has been done for a while, though, and I think the last two parts will go over well with anyone who likes these first two.

Monkeying Around All Day, Part 1 – Morning

First off, let me say that this isn’t part of the Twenty. This is actually an older commission I took on a few months ago, but due to the size and scope of it I’ve been working on it as a background project (like I do the comic pages).

This commission comes in four parts, which will be released whenever I finish them. I just recently wrapped up this first part, featuring our boy Mowgli when he’s first been captured by those pesky monkeys. It’s been a while since “The Jungle Book” has shown up here, and I hope you guys are as happy as I am to have Mowgli around again.