Monkeying Around All Day

So there’s not much new here, but this is the complete version of “Monkeying Around All Day”. This is what the client purchased, but due to the size and scope of it I chose to upload the smaller panels individually. The end result was that some parts were cropped out of those versions, but now you can see the full image (plus the “flow” from one panel to the next). Hope you all enjoyed this series, and ideally I’ll get to draw Mowgli again some time in the future.


  1. E

    In this compilation picture, it’s clear that the individual pictures were cropped somewhat because there are extra details HERE that you can’t see in the others.

    Could you please post the non-cropped versions as individual pictures? Thanks!

    PS: I like the Afternoon (second) and Night (fourth) pictures best, because they’re not as rough and Mowgli seems to be relaxed and enjoying himself the most in those two. ^_^

    1. Post
      1. E

        I understand these are the final versions, but that’s not what I’m asking.

        For example:
        In the first picture- Midday- the monkeys in the top-left and top-right are cut-off in the larger individual picture; only HERE do you see all of their bodies.
        In the third picture- Evening- the monkey at top-center who is fucking Mowgli does not have his arms showing, yet HERE you can see his arms.
        In the fourth scene- Night- you barely even see the monkey in the top-right corner, and Mowgli’s right leg is also cut-off.

        What I’m asking is if there are full-size versions of each scene that were cropped by you at some point, and if we can see those full-size versions of those not-cropped images?

        1. Post

          Yes. Like I said, this image is the full version. The prior releases were cropped to create a square shape as each panel was finished, but this image is everything that exists.

          1. E

            Ahhhh, okay I understand now. Sorry about the confusion; I thought you had bigger versions of these individually because the separated images were much bigger than this one.

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