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Evan King Character Ask 1

Evan King is the monster hunter character I introduced in my last Halloween pic, an aspiring Van Helsing-type who seems to always end up becoming the plaything of the monsters he hunts. Loona’s kind of a natural pairing for him, and I haven’t drawn her much at all outside of one commission where she’s mostly hidden. I dunno why, but I thought the idea of Loona toying with him with her feet was particularly funny, like an absurd way to end up helpless, but I hope y’all will enjoy getting to see a bit more of her as well as our first look at Evan without his hooded jacket.

Near Halloween 2022

So, every year I like to add one new monster character to my “Spookyverse” lineup. I was thinking over a few different ideas for what monster type to go with this year, when I had a parallel idea for a human character. So, meet Evan King, a would-be monster hunter. Evan wants really badly to hunt monsters, but it seems like whenever he tries he ends up failing in some way and played with by the monster instead. I think it’s a fun gimmick, but we’ll see how much he actually gets used. As for the monster he failed to defeat this time, our debuting character is Gillian Randwulf, our second werewolf character (though not related to Diego). Enjoy and Happy Halloween!