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Not that long ago, I dug up Guu’s adult form for one of Gohan’s Asks. Reminding myself of Jungle wa Itsumo Haré nochi Guu also reminded me of how I’d always wanted to try something lewd with the series protagonist, Haré. I think he’s a pretty cute boy, and even the show itself dresses him up in girls clothing a few times to highlight this. At first I was going to just do a simple POV blowjob, but I decided to do a “bijob” instead. As much fun as it might’ve been to use Guu’s default appearance, I instead used her “cute” loli face for what’s hopefully a cute combination between the two of them.

Son Gohan Character Ask 13

So I knew what I wanted to do for the text portion of this one right away. I think even a powerful woman’s pussy is still going to be just as sensitive as anyone else’s, so I don’t think you need to match her power to satisfy her (unless she needs rough play, I guess, but that’s not really something I picture Gohan getting that into). The real question here was who to pair him with for the demonstration. Since the question mentions the Studio, I felt it needed to be someone not from Dragon Ball, so I was looking through my list of people in the Studio for a suitable partner. I don’t know how recognizable she is, especially in this position, but I went with Guu from Haré+Guu (full title Jungle wa Itsumo Hare Notchi Guu). Guu’s a deity-level being of unknown limitations who mostly uses her power to mess with a boy she met in the jungle. She’s usually a loli, but has this adult form she takes a few times in the show. I don’t know if anyone remembers this show, and I’m sure nobody remembers me drawing her back in 2010, but I really liked the idea of bringing her back for this pic after a decade of inaction. The one downside to using her is that she’s kinda the ultimate stoic, rarely showing any expression whatsoever, so I couldn’t show how affected she was by Gohan’s SSJ2 fucking. Just know that for her, an open mouth and slight blush is basically the equivalent of a full-blown ahegao.

COY 3 – Euphemia/Guu/Tenma

COY stands for Cross Over Yuri. The premise is pretty simple, I have a list I’ve compiled of over 500 cute girls from various anime and manga. I then use a random number generator to make pairing, which I then draw. Every third picture is a threesome.

So here’s the third COY pic. While I’m very happy with how Tenma and Euphie turned out, Guu’s face and body overall have always bothered me. I imagine if I were to draw it again today it would be a bit better, but I’m not as attached to this pairing as I was the last two COYs. Still, I suppose it’s a mark in my evolution as an artist, lol.