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Kyoka Jiro Character Ask 1

This Ask is in reference to an old pic in my Studio Tour series (not the game) where Zangya and Jiro were having some fun together. I’m not sure exactly what this Subscriber was hoping the response would be, but I kind of liked the idea of showing these two together again. They’re an odd pairing I like together, and this time we get to seem them interact a little bit on top of the sex.

Jiro Footjob

I was looking for a quick pic to work on between other projects. I know people like these footjob pics, and when I do them POV style like this they don’t take too long, so I did one for Jiro here. I like her a lot, especially for foot stuff since I can give her those black-painted toenails I enjoy. This is one of those pics where I added in a signifier as to whose cock it was at the last moment. Figured I might as well reuse the pubic hair Kaminari was sporting for the Bra blowbang pic a while back.

Jiro, Head Down/Ass Up

This is an older sketch I had lying around of Jiro that I decided to ink and color. Sometimes it’s nice to flesh out some of these pics I barely even remember drawing. ^_^; Jiro’s a girl I always think about drawing more but only get around to occasionally (though she fares better than some other characters in that same category). Anyway, hope you all enjoy this view.

Jiro and Hagakure

I’ve been wanting to do a pic with Toru Hagakure for a while. For those who don’t know, she’s an invisible girl (like, always invisible) in My Hero Academia. Even though we don’t have any real clear idea what she looks like, her personality is quirky and cute and her appearances in the series are always lighthearted and fun, and this has actually made her quite attractive to a lot of viewers (myself included). I mean, we can tell by how her clothes fit over her that she’s at least got a great body, but that’s pretty much par for the course in an anime like MHA.
I decided to leave her with just her panties and stockings for this pic (she has to be wearing some clothes, I feel, for us to understand the picture). I did my best to use the folds of the sheets and the placement of Jiro’s hand (it’s on Hagakure’s elbow) to convey the position. Just in case I failed, though, she’s meant to be squatting and leaning backwards, licking Kyoka’s pussy from underneath. She’s holding onto Kyoka’s thighs while she does this. I really don’t know how well that idea comes across here, but I did the best I could with it. ^_^;

Studio Tour 2 – Zangya/Jiro

So here’s the second installment of my “Studio Tour” series, where we take a look around the imaginary Near Hentai Studios and the action that goes on there. This particular picture has a bit of a history, as originally this series was going to be focuses exclusively on Zangya paired with random characters, and this was going to be the first entry (because I really like Jiro and wanted to draw her again). When I adjusted the concept to be more about the studio as a whole, I pushed this one back to the second entry so I could do the introductory pic with Siat, Chi-Chi and C.C. Speaking of Siat, the green text box is meant to be her narrating to us, and that’s a late addition. I love context, and this context was originally just going to be in this text accommodating the picture, but I decided to add it into the picture itself last-minute.
The idea that Zangya would get close to the girls from My Hero Academia who are in the studio actually came about because of my Discord. You see, I teased this picture there a long while back, saying I was working on a yuri pic of Zangya and a girl from MHA, but not who. This lead to a lot of guessing and speculation, and I realized I liked several of the potential pairings, so I decided to establish this connection so we can maybe get Zangya paired up with several different ladies from that series in later installments.

Earphone Jack Full Nelson

So this is the Hearing Hero “Earphone Jack”, Kyoka Jiro. She’s one of the students at U.A. High School in My Hero Academia, and one of the more prominent characters I haven’t drawn yet from that series. Honestly it’s just because most of the MHA content I’ve done has been decided by other people (either through commission or rewards), because Earphone Jack is one of my favorite girls in the series. I love the deadpan snarker types, especially with female characters, and I think her design is super cute. However, since I don’t really have any other characters I like to pair her with just yet, I decided I’d do this quick pic pairing her with an anon just so I could make sure I’ve drawn her at least once. I wouldn’t mind drawing her again sometime soon, possibly paired with another actual character, but we shall see.