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Darkness Character Ask 2

How much you wanna bet Midnight busts out some variation of that line every time she fucks Darkness? At any rate, this seems like kind of an obvious crossover ship to me, but it’s one I hadn’t done. I decided to go lighter with it, since I had Darkness all tied up in her last Ask, but I could see doing some heavier BDSM with these two at some point, potentially.

Midnight Character Ask 3

This Ask’s pretty simple. Someone wanted to see Midnight fucking one of the parents from My Hero Academia, I wanted to draw Midnight fucking Inko Midoriya, and here we are. I did consider using Bakugou’s mom for this, too. She’s a bit more conventionally attractive, but I just like Inko a lot and I think her body is really fun to draw (especially from an angle like this). I hope you all enjoy seeing her in this position as much as I do.

Also, I released my second “Spotlight” interview fic, this time with Raven: https://nearhentai.com/literature/nhs-spotlight-raven/

April ’19 One-Shot

This is the One-Shot comic script that won last month. The idea behind this one is that Midoriya get to get his dick wet with a variety of different pro heroines from his universe. Other than Midnight and Mt. Lady, these ladies are all new to Near Hentai, and I hope y’all enjoy seeing them. Clockwise from the top we have Bubble Girl (Kaoruko Awata), Mt. Lady (Yu Takeyama), Midnight (Nemuri Kayama), Mirko (Rumi Usagiyama) and Ms. Joke (Emi Fukukado).

Midnight Rider

This is Nemuri Kayama, also known as the 18+ only Hero “Midnight”, one of the teachers at U.A. High in My Hero Academia. I have a similar picture (as in, woman paired with anonymous cock) in progress for Mt. Lady from the same show, though I doubt I’ll get around to finishing that one this month. Both are characters I want to draw more of if you guys like them.