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April ’24 One-Shot

Some of you may remember Evan King, an original character from my Spookyverse. His gimmick is that he’s a would-be monster hunter who, despite his best efforts, always ends up failing to take down the monsters he hunts and instead gets toyed with by them in some fashion. The idea behind this One-Shot script was to have him meet that fate with a bunch of “monster” type characters this Subscriber is into. Some of them are pretty obscure, and it wasn’t easy getting reference material for everyone, but here they are. The first panel is Surge from the Sonic comics, who I’ve drawn before and is probably the most mainstream character here. The second panel features Ms. White from a little webcomic called Pixa Chats, who’s actually appeared with Evan before in a commission this Subscriber did with a different artist. Appearing beside her is Scream, one of the many Symbiote characters from Marvel comics, who this Subscriber has nominated for NHML multiple times in the past. The third panel is a character I think is just called Minotaur, from a manga called “King of the Labyrinth”. I read a bit of it to prep for this comic, and did not care for it, but the Minotaur’s design is alright. The last panel features Amber from Space Leaper: Cocoon and Dinah from Unicorn Overlord, a couple of games I’ve never heard of and know nothing about.

Silas Holloway’s First Dare

So, I was hesitant to do this Dare for two reasons. One is that I just drew Silas a few days ago for an Ask. Another is that I don’t typically like doing holiday-based Asks or Dares ’cause, while this post is going out to my Subscribers on Halloween, it’ll be February by the time it goes public. Regardless, I did go ahead and decide to do this one, and I hope those of you seeing this post in February can forgive the out-of-season spookiness.

Silas Holloway Character Ask 1

So this Ask is kind of a strange one, isn’t it? It’s not really a proper question Silas can answer, but at the same time I thought it’d be funny to see his response. I’ve only seen a couple clips from the videos being referred to here, so I don’t know too much about them, but I think someone with a pumpkin head might see some of them as pretty graphic and disturbing. The idea of this massive Halloween monster being creeped out by random tame gay fetish porn is really funny to me, so I decided to go ahead and document it. Also, this allows Silas to give a better view of himself than he might’ve had in his debut pic, so now both he and Ember have gotten simple little follow-ups from that pic.

ChesterZee – Evan King and Ms. White

This is another fan commission drawn by the artist ChesterZee (https://twitter.com/chuckzee21).

The fan who commissioned this pic wanted to see my Spookyverse OC Evan King doing his thing (getting caught and dominated by a monster he’s hunting), and paired him with Ms. White from the webcomic Pixa Chats (https://tapas.io/series/Pixa-Chats). This fan is an active user on my SubscribeStar Discord and through them I’m a bit familiar with Ms. White already. She’s a fun-looking character who’s caught my eye before, but I’ve never drawn her or anything. It’s kind of interesting to see her getting her own tag on the site now through this pic.

Near Halloween 2023

Like every year, I wanted to add a new monster type to my Spookyverse cast of original characters. I’m running a bit low on ideas for characters, but one monster I’ve never done is a pumpkin/Jack-O-Lantern type creature. There’s a few different ways to do this type of monster, but I went with a design I thought could be fun and sexy. Hopefully everyone agrees. So, let me introduce Ember and Silas Holloway!

Also, in the spirit of things, I posted a spooky new AI-assisted fanfic over in the literature section: https://nearhentai.com/literature/in-the-clutches-of-the-ghost-witch/

Nobara Kugisaki Character Ask 1

This Ask is referencing Jody Crowley’s first Ask, in which Nobara appears. There’s a few potential futas in the Studio, and based on other questions this Subscriber submitted I think they probably had Harkey D. Quinfy in mind. Maybe we can do something with Nobara and Harkey eventually, but I had this image in mind of Nobara having to deal with Inky and Pinky, two OCs of mine from the Spookyverse who can be something of a handful for whomever they set their sights on. I imagine Nobara recruited them to help her demonstrate her answer, but then these two completely overtook the shoot with their antics.

Evan King Character Ask 1

Evan King is the monster hunter character I introduced in my last Halloween pic, an aspiring Van Helsing-type who seems to always end up becoming the plaything of the monsters he hunts. Loona’s kind of a natural pairing for him, and I haven’t drawn her much at all outside of one commission where she’s mostly hidden. I dunno why, but I thought the idea of Loona toying with him with her feet was particularly funny, like an absurd way to end up helpless, but I hope y’all will enjoy getting to see a bit more of her as well as our first look at Evan without his hooded jacket.

Near Halloween 2022

So, every year I like to add one new monster character to my “Spookyverse” lineup. I was thinking over a few different ideas for what monster type to go with this year, when I had a parallel idea for a human character. So, meet Evan King, a would-be monster hunter. Evan wants really badly to hunt monsters, but it seems like whenever he tries he ends up failing in some way and played with by the monster instead. I think it’s a fun gimmick, but we’ll see how much he actually gets used. As for the monster he failed to defeat this time, our debuting character is Gillian Randwulf, our second werewolf character (though not related to Diego). Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

Cristina’s Broodmate

My Halloween pic for 2020 debuted the vampiress Cristina de Sange, a powerful countess-type vampire with several minions under her, similar to Lady Dimitrescu. She debuted with one of her thralls, Maria, but I always wanted to expand her brood with more members in later updates (similar to the witch coven characters in the same universe). So, here’s Felicia Drake, a cute pigtailed vampire with bright red hair. I hope to get around to adding more vampire ladies to this cast eventually, though we’ll see how things go.