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Boingo BJ

When watching the Stardust Crusaders season of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, there were a handful of characters who caught my eye. One such character was Boingo, the Stand user of Tohth. He uses a comic book that predicts future events, and I found his mannerisms and design pretty cute. I figured there was a good chance I’d forget about him if I didn’t draw him quickly, though, so I did this little pic while he was still on my mind.

Denji Character Ask 3

I thought this Ask could be a fun way of continuing Denji’s ongoing struggle in the Studio. I think it makes sense that, with him choosing to avoid full-on sex for the time being, he’d develop a growing interest in other sexual actions. I thought he’d enjoy getting footjobs from two girls at once, and I decided to dig deeper into the Studio’s roster for his partners. Mariah’s a JoJo’s character that, like every JoJo’s character in the Studio, I drew on commission years ago when I took commissions regularly. Nagi is the lead girl of Kannagi, a show I enjoyed like a decade ago but don’t remember that well. She came in through the old CrossOver Yuri series, but has been in the 1 Club until now.

Cia, Aversa, & Mariah

This is a commission I recently finished featuring Cia (from Hyrule Warriors), Aversa (from Fire Emblem) and Mariah (from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure). I assume the idea here is to pair up three dark-skinned girls with white hair, which I’m all for. It’s an aesthetic that never gets old and, truth be told, I hope to have a non-commissioned picture of Cia sometime soon.

Mariah and Trish

This is a commission I recently commissioned of Trish Una from the Vento Aureo arc JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and “Bastet” Mariah from the Stardust Crusaders arc of the same series. I’m not terribly familiar with the JoJo franchise, but thanks to this same commissioner, I’ve now drawn it a few times and am slowly learning more about the series as I do so. 🙂

The pose used her is not original, it’s borrowed from a reference image chosen by the commissioner.