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Hostel Behavior

I sketched this one a while back. I wanted to draw Sumiko Kawai again, but this time had her joined by her great-niece Ritsu. I went ahead and paired Ritsu with her love interest, Usa, while Sumiko’s paired with Shirosaki, a character she interacts with a fair bit. There’s a few other characters from this show I was interested in, primarily two girls I think would make for a cute yuri pic, but I can’t really say for sure if I’ll get around to drawing them or not.

Sumiko Bounce

I sketched this pic back when Sumiko first showed up in a One-Shot. I wasn’t familiar with her at the time, but I thought she was cute so I sketched this quick pic but never inked or colored it. I am watching Kawai Complex now, though, and I’ve grown more fond of her as a result. So there might be more Sumiko content from me down the road, and maybe even content of other characters from the show (though no promises). I couldn’t decide if I prefered having her butt getting smacked or not, so I included two versions.

Kazusa Takatori Character Ask 1

So, while I don’t know either of these characters super well, I like them both from what I’ve seen of them. Normally with older characters I prefer to pair them with someone younger, for the contrast, but I thought an Ask pairing Sumiko and Kazusa together could be fun. They both debuted in the same One-Shot, both getting fucked by Corey Park, and it makes sense to me they would’ve become friends on the set. I think I have a decent idea of how their dynamic would be, and I tried to lean into it a little with the answer here.

December ’21 One-Shot

I think it’s pretty funny that, thanks to the Christmas pics (one of which also involved Corey), this One-Shot ended up posting right after one of Corey’s Asks. At any rate, this One-Shot wanted to see Corey paired with a bunch of older women, all except one also being new additions to the Studio. For reference, the full list of ladies here (in order of appearance) are: Cooking Mama, Hina Akiba,  Mamako Oosuki, Kazusa Takatori, Inko Midoriya, and Sumiko Kawai.