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Marge Simpson Character Ask 1

This is the first Simpsons Ask of any kind I’ve done, I think. With Asks and explicitly Studio-focused works, I tend to stray further from the source art style than usual on stylized characters. For example, in the Ask with Lois and Francine, or in Hayley’s appearance in my game, they’re drawn with five fingers/toes and visible nails, whereas I might forgo that if I was drawing something meant to be more in the style of their shows (though obviously I never do a full 1-to-1 there). I’ve drawn very little Simpsons, but what I have drawn has tried to veer a bit more in that direction, but here I experimented with letting Marge’s hands a bit more. We didn’t end up seeing a lot of her, as much like with the answer itself Lois kinda overrode her, but if I ever draw Marge in the NHS MILFs series or something like that we might see her more like this.

As for this Ask itself, I have a soft spot for Lois/Marge content, as strange as it can sometimes play out. This is my first time drawing them together, and I figured that Lois would have to help Marge articulate her response since Marge’s mouth was otherwise occupied.

Marge From Behind

So I recently got his by the urge to do something Simpsons-related again. Not really sure what triggered it, since I hadn’t seen or thought about the Simpsons in a few months, but when it hits it hits. I really felt like doing something kinda simple viewing the back of Marge, so here we are. Of course I had to make sure Bart’s classic orange/red tee is visible in the frame. Marge isn’t as much fun without either him or Lisa there to enjoy her. Anyway, dunno if I’ll do more in the immediate future or if it’ll be a long while but I hope y’all enjoy it. ^_^

May ’18 One-Shot

So the winning One-Shot script was described as a “MomSwap” comic, which might seem odd to those unfamiliar with my work since there’s no swapping of moms on this page. MomSwap is a series I run that’s based on a fictional app for young girls to trade moms for an evening, and the pictures I release are all their accounts (based on apps like Tindr or whatever). So the pics are all mother/daughter stuff (even if I do hope to one day show some actual swapping), and this comic page is basically just four pairings I hadn’t done yet that the person who submitted the idea wanted to see. Of course, last month I did post a Jazmine/Sarah MomSwap entry, but that had not been released when this script was submitted. I don’t know if I’ll ever do Lisa and Marge for the app, since The Simpsons always feel weird to me when they cross over with non-yellow properties, but the Possible and Fenton pairings are both ones you’ll almost certainly see sooner or later. Like with Jazmine and Sarah, they’ll be different than what’s shown here. The MomSwap apps show a number of photos each account has attached (it’s the number next to the camera icon in the corner of the image), so I like to think of the pics on this comic page as extra photos from those galleries.

Also, some time last month I ran a trial Q & A session with a video for my supporters. It was a test run, but I might do more as I enjoyed it and those who participated seemed to as well. I went back and forth on if I wanted to release the video publicly, and ultimately I decided it’d be fun to. I might do more videos in this style, not just answer vids but maybe vids on topics I get asked about a lot (I was thinking one early one might be discussing my issues with Naruto, which I get tired of explaining every few weeks). Anyway, below is the video, I hope you all find it entertaining.

Simpsons Lined Up

I started this picture around a year ago. Because I seem to only be interested in Simpsons porn in bursts, I’ve worked on it for short periods of time sprinkled over the past year… though the bulk of the work was done the first week and this past week. If I ever get to where I feel comfortable working with these characters and this style I would like to do more Simpsons stuff, especially with lesser-used characters, but I wanted to do this pic featuring my three favorite Simpsons women together first. Now that I have this done I may do the occasional pic featuring one-off characters from the show, or recurring characters who are less popular. I’d also like to do more with these three, but we’ll see what happens. In the meantime, I hope you guys like this pic practicing the style. 🙂

Marge and the Kids

The Simpsons have been getting a lukewarm response in my poll, and I can understand why. The show’s been popular for a long time, and there’s no shortage of content out there for these characters. I’m usually not interested in doing anything with the Simpsons myself, but every now and then I get a really strong urge to draw them, especially Marge.

This is a pic I drew the last time I had that urge, almost exactly one year ago in January 2015. I only did the lineart then (along with a few other Simpsons sketches), but just recently I started wanting to work with them again. So, I tried to touch this one up, fix a few of the more glaring anatomy issues, and slapped some colors on it. This is the first Simpsons pic I’ve ever released, so please feel free to give me constructive criticism if you have any. I don’t plan to do a bunch with these characters, but when I do I’d like it to be done right.

This is a situation I’ve always loved; a mother being shared between her son and daughter. It’s probably my ideal incest scenario, but for some reason I rarely actually draw it. I think I tend to back off because it feels too obvious, since it’s always the first place I go with MILFs who have both a son and a daughter, but I’d love to do more pics like this with characters like Maddie Fenton, Dexter’s mom, Linda Flynn-Fletcher, Bulma Briefs, etc., etc.