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Clementine Character Ask 4

So, like I’ve mentioned before, I tend to view Clementine as more a character for lesbian/yuri content. I admit I don’t know her that well, having not played the games, but that’s just what feels right to me after watching some cutscenes and stuff for research when I’ve drawn her in the past. Like she hints here, though, I do have another “Clem x Anon” pic in the works, though I have no idea if or when that’ll actually come out.

Studio Tour 4 – Raven/Clementine

So the Studio Tour is a series that keeps getting put to the side. As a result, I have several entries for it sketched out, but it’s gonna take me a while to work through them. This one in particular is pretty old, but I’m happy to have it finished. I was inspired for this idea off how I’ve had Clementine answer a few of her Character Asks. Clementine has sort of ended up being a character we see more often talking about the NH Studio and such, rather than in-character talk of her games (mostly due to me not being super familiar with her games). I don’t remember why I chose Raven as the person for her to practice on (or to tutor her, however you’d like to see it), but she is a long-standing Near Hentai veteran. Her first appearance in my work (not counting colorizations) was in April of 2010, so she’s getting close to hitting a full decade on my roster, hehe. Good thing cartoons don’t age.

Thirsty Clementine

So I’ve been thinking about doing some pics like this for a while… Basically, close-up focuses on a facial or cumbath or bukkake or whatever. I’ve done a few pics like that for the Mini Commissions, but this one is one I did on my own. I wanted to use Clementine because 1) She’s a popular character I haven’t used as much as I could, 2) She has a super cute face that looks good glazed in jizz, and 3) The style and colors I typically use with Walking Dead pics lends itself to experimenting with cum, which is something I’ve always felt I didn’t have as good a grasp at working with as I’d like. So this pic is largely an experiment, I guess, but I think it turned out neat and I hope y’all will like it.

Clementine Pussy Eating POV

Here’s another “Mini Commission” I did. This time the person wanted to see Clementine from The Walking Dead games eating out an anon woman POV. Lesbian POV is a lot rarer than gay or straight POV, so I had some fun with this. I ended up going with a moody blue lighting after looking through some screenshots from the game. I just thought it was a nice look. I hope you all enjoy this one, I know there’s a handful of pretty big Clementine fans among my followers.

July ’18 One-Shot

Here is the One-Shot comic page selected by my supporters last month. This is another one of those “four unconnected panels” ones, but it did give me the excuse to finally do some Assassination Classroom work, as well as use Clementine again in something other than a Character Ask. Hope everyone likes the pic.

Also, I did another Q&A video recently.

Clementine Character Ask 2

It’s true, I haven’t done anything with Clementine in a while. She’s an interesting character for me because I never would have drawn her (or even knew she existed) if it wasn’t for people supporting bringing her up. I like her design, but since I have no connection whatsoever to The Walking Dead (the comics, the shows, or the games), I never really think about her despite having several ideas. I’m still hoping to do a comic with her, but when it came to her answer I thought it’d be best to have her talk about stuff that might come out sometime this year (haha). She’s definitely gonna show up in a Studio Tour pic before too long, but there’s a couple other entries I have planned first.

Clementine SFM Compilation

PornHub link: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5b274175a63ee
Google Drive link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dTUuVkQyW9GKWCCR3YLiJa9W5IviWwh6/view?usp=sharing
Mega.nz link: https://mega.nz/#!jGQwwAZD!7A76l07a3MBxkKiky_l_5TN_qi8kxBwiAtYHtkQLd5E

So here’s a little SFM compilation I put together centered around Clementine from The Walking Dead games. I’ve drawn her a couple times and plan to again, but I was kinda itching to do another SFM music video and thought she’d be a good candidate for one. I hadn’t originally planned to finish it as quickly as I did, but once I started looking I found more source material than I’d expected quicker than I’d expected, so it all went very fast. I’ve also started one with Ellie from The Last of Us, who I’ve kinda paired up with Clementine in my head. Hers isn’t quite done yet; I have all the materials I need but I still need to finish editing it. When I do finish hers, you can expect to see it around here sooner or later.

Revision: It seems no matter where I upload this video, it eventually gets taken down. I’ve added the link to the video on PornHub, though it seems to be blocked in many countries. I’ve also added a mega.nz link, though it’s possible for some of you it may just not be playable. Sorry.