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Yaksini and Eddie

This is another annual commission for one of my Master Tier Subscribers. This one’s an odd one, and I think it exists mostly as a way to get these two characters into the Studio. At the very least, the commissioner said they felt their wasn’t enough art out there of either character. Yaksini is a demon enemy in Shin Megami Tensei, and I don’t think there’s much to the character beyond that. Eddie Archer (Imada Kanchi) is one of Nate’s friends in Yo-kai Watch. Other than maybe a loose relationship with the supernatural these two have nothing connecting them, but here they are anyway. The commissioner wanted to see them in the Amazon position, and I went with a high angle to really highlight their already noteworthy size difference.

Nate Adams Character Ask 2

I don’t feel like there’s much here for me to elaborate on. I don’t watch Yo-kai Watch, but Nate seems like a pretty outgoing and friendly kid. I’m sure he’d have no trouble making friends in the Studio, and there’s honestly probably a lot of characters I could’ve put in this pic with him. I went with Ben just because I like that they’re both brown-haired boys with watches on their left arms, I guess, though any of the monster-collecting boys could’ve also worked for similar reasons.

Nate by the Ocean

This here’s a Mini Commission featuring Nate Adams/Keita Amano from Yo-Kai Watch. The idea for this one was for him to be posing nude on the beach with a smirk. The supporter who suggested this references a specific beach episode where Nate and a couple other boys end up losing their swimsuits, so I used his expressions from that scene for inspiration with his look here.