Nate Adams Character Ask 2

I don’t feel like there’s much here for me to elaborate on. I don’t watch Yo-kai Watch, but Nate seems like a pretty outgoing and friendly kid. I’m sure he’d have no trouble making friends in the Studio, and there’s honestly probably a lot of characters I could’ve put in this pic with him. I went with Ben just because I like that they’re both brown-haired boys with watches on their left arms, I guess, though any of the monster-collecting boys could’ve also worked for similar reasons.


  1. Nuffin

    Please ask for DMCA by contacting admins on sites especially as R34 because they are just ripping and reposting your work without permission, violating rights and also redirecting traffic that could come here to stay over there.

    1. Post
      1. Brick

        @Nick. Just because it’s not pay to see doesn’t mean it’s okay or is a right of the uploader to post someone else’s copyright. Even if people are doing it and it is going unpunished (at the moment) it is still illegal in terms of law to do so. Think about artist rights, the images and work belong to them and therefore their rules and permissions come first. This is something only creators would understand.

      2. Brick

        Also, snippets of someone’s work, such as a photo, can only be used in official news from notable outlets, but not the full piece of their works. It doesn’t apply elsewhere, like that of an image hoster. Touche.

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