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Kizuku Midyck Character Ask 3

Kizuku and Yorapakura are two of the more popular Fusions I’ve done, so I hope people will enjoy seeing them together. The question here references Killua and Kurapika knowing each other, though I’m not sure how much that’d really play into these Fusions hooking up. I always saw Killua and Kurapika more as guys with a mutual friend (Gon), since we don’t see much of them interacting just the two of them, as far as I can recall. However, I do think Kizuku and Yorapakura would get along well, just through their own personalities meshing well.

NHS Fusions – Yorapakura

So the poll for this fusion was another themeless one, just ten characters I like. Of those, though, Kurapika and Yoh won out. The way these two mixed seemed pretty self-evident to me, so sorry if there’s not much surprise to this one, but I think the resulting Yorapakura is pretty cute. I decided to let him keep Yoh’s headphones (or, more accurately, get his own red ones), just ’cause I think they’re cute and I don’t see why he wouldn’t have the same habit as Yoh for wearing them.