Space Emperor Slut, Page 9

No prizes for guessing who the speech bubble in the last panel belongs to.
So here’s the return of Space Emperor Slut! I know it’s been a long time, but I’m excited to be working on this comic again. I really love slutty submissive Frieza, and I’m looking forward to doing a few more pages with him. This page actually kicks off the next phase of the story I planned out back when I first started the comic. It might take me a while to get to the next page, I don’t know, but in the meantime at least we have this one! ^_^

Scary Godmother

Here’s another Halloween entry for October! I see this one as being a parallel to my “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” pic from last December, in that it’s a holiday special character many people may not remember or have thought of being a potential hentai star. I was just introduced to the Scary Godmother via Nostalgia Critic’s review of the TV special and, while the movie is not great and kinda ugly, the original books portray her as incredibly cute. I really like this design and would like to draw her again some day, though I can’t say for sure if I ever will. I guess we’ll have to wait and see, since it’ll probably be next Halloween if I do.

Shota Red x MILF Leaf

This commission was a bit different, but basically the client wanted exactly what the titles says. A shota version of Red (which is pretty much just his default design) paired with a MILF version of Leaf (which I could find no canon instance of, so I just gave her a more adult body and some lipstick). I’m not sure exactly where the client got the idea for this pairing, since the characters should be the same age, but I think they look cute together like this. We have the power to transcend time and space here at Near Hentai, and I see no harm in abusing that power every now and then to create unique shota/MILF pairings.

Ogata Satomi – Aim at Planet Namek!

This was my first coloring project, which is why it’s one of the few times you’ll see me post a colorization here that I didn’t collaborate with the original artist on. Such a venture would have been impossible in this case, anyway.

Aim at Planet Namek! is an old doujin, one of the first I ever read. Here I not only splashed color onto it, but also reworked the dialogue to make it easier to read.