Month: November 2017

Futa Pan and Bra Comic

Here is a commission I’ve been working on for a while…. Even though the subject matter for this one isn’t super complex or demanding, I kept hitting weird stumbling blocks with this one and in the end it took way longer than it reasonably should have. Thankfully the client was super patient with me while I muddled my way through it, though, and once the lineart was done the coloring went by pretty quickly. I think the end result is pretty cute, and I hope you guys like it as well. ^_^

EDIT: My project “Dragon Ball F” hadn’t been fully realized when I first made this, but I think now that this comic fits better into that universe (where all male characters are female, and any character can become a futa by eating a “futa bean”) than it does any other take on Dragon Ball I’ve used. So I’m adding this to that series.

Everfire – 2 Boys Ride a Harley 08

So it’s been a while since the last update of this comic. This was largely due to some communication hiccups between Everfire and myself (Everfire changed emails without me knowing, then for some reason his emails to me got moved to spam and I missed them for almost a month, things like that). Eventually things were worked out, and now you guys can see the final result. I’m currently waiting for the version I can use of the final page (and checking my spam box this time, just in case), but when it gets here I plan to color it quickly so that this comic will finally be wrapped up properly.

Ryan and Lily 1

Here’s a commission from the Epic Tier level on Patreon. This is Lily (on the left) and Ryan (on the right), two shota OCs of the client’s. They’re usually rendered with 3D models, but the Patron wants me to do a series of pics of them detailing an adventure at a public pool in the summer. This first entry is pretty tame, but future ones will not be.

Wizard Throne

So this is actually a pretty old picture. I drew this one up originally back in April of last year, when I was really into The Looney Tunes Show. There’s a musical number in one episode just called “The Wizard”, where Daffy Duck is basically fantasizing about being an all-powerful wizard. In the fantasy segments he has a bunch of elf servant girls, who I thought were pretty sexy. So I drew them naked all draped over his wizardly self.

While re-uploading stuff here to the new site, I came across the incomplete pic and decided to finish it. So I touched up the lineart (it was back when I was inking things with way too thick of lines) and colored it. ^_^


First things first, I’m at a convention this weekend and the internet is crazy spotty. I’m going to schedule both today’s post and Sunday’s while it’s working, but I may not be around as much as usual to reply to things.

This here is Chip, a guest character from the first episode of HarmonQuest season two. Chip was played by Gillian Jacobs, a rare example of a male character being played by a female in that show. Perhaps that’s the reason he’s the only male character I’m attracted to in HarmonQuest, but I’m super attracted to him. I don’t know if anyone else will share this fascination with the little goblin, but I thought he was insanely cute and I would like to draw more of him in the future.